Simple, Powerful Observability

Improved uptime & performance

Greater scale & effiency

Increased speed & agility

Telemetry Data Platform

The single source of truth for all your operational data, ask and answer any question within milliseconds

Open data ingest


Data analysis

300+ integrations

Full-Stack Observability

Easily monitor your software stack with purpose-built visualizations specific to areas of your business




Digital Experience



Applied Intelligence

Detect, understand, & resolve incidents before customers notice

Detect & explain anomalies

Correlate alerts & incidents

Reduce alert fatigue

Why New Relic?

Instrument Everything

with petabyte scale to eliminate blind spots

Observe Everything

with full-stack visibility into your entire estate

Harness AI/ML

to detect failures quickly and reduce alert fatigue

Observe Everything

with full-stack visibility into your entire estate

Connect with top apps and services

Cloud services, tools and open source. Now put it all on one connected platform. Then filter, analyze, and query all your data, create information-rich dashboards, and set alerts on all your services.

Amazon Web Services




Observability Made Simple

All your data in one place for one predictable price.

Purpose built monitoring across your ecosystem.

No host or application left behind.

No engineer without visibility.

Observability at scale

Frequently asked questions

What’s included with my New Relic One free tier?

- The ability to easily visualize, analyze, & troubleshoot your entire stack with access to the entire platform, including APM, Infrastructure Monitoring, Digital Experience Monitoring, Applied Intelligence, and more - 100GB of telemetry data ingest per month - 1 free full user with access to the entire platform - Unlimited free basic users with access to data ingest, querying, dashboards, and alerts. - Standard data retention of 8 days and up - 100 million free Proactive Detection app transactions per month - 1,000 free Incident Intelligence events per month

Will I be charged immediately when I add my credit card?

No. You will only be charged for any usage beyond the free tier at the end of the month in which overage occurs.

Can I send to New Relic the additional data that my app collects?

Yes, New Relic has designed adding custom attributes to be a simple process. It typically requires no more than one additional line of code to your app per attribute. Decorating your PageView and Transaction events with custom attributes is a powerful way to collect events from your software that are not collected out of the box. MobileSession Events do not currently support adding custom attributes. Learn more about how to add custom attributes and what kind of data you can add.

What is NRQL?

NRQL, New Relic Query Language, is a SQL-like query language used to query the New Relic Database. Read more on how to get started using NRQL.

Do I need to be a developer (or know SQL) to use New Relic?

SQL knowledge will help in getting started with using New Relic like a pro, but it is not a required skill. New Relic comes equipped with built-in tutorials to get you up to speed quickly with its capabilities, pre-built example queries to experiment with, a point-and-click Chart Builder for querying your data, as well as an autocomplete feature to help guide the way when writing your own queries.

What database does New Relic use?

New Relic is powered by New Relic Database, a highly-distributed cloud-hosted time series database with an innovative architecture that does not require indexing. The database runs on a super-cluster built to support our thousands of customers - enabling you to query your big data in milliseconds. Learn more about New Relic Database.

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